Board of Directors

Edward Carels- Founder and CEO

Edward Carels, Ba., MS, Ph.D. Post Doc Behavioral Medicine.  Carels has over 38 years of high level healthcare experience with the National Association of Blue Shield and Blue Cross for 9 years. Executive VP and President of 3 subsidiaries for Compcare a NYSE $200 M provider of addiction treatment  with over 200  hospital and outpatient program locations nationwide.  He has served as the CEO, President and Interim CEO of 7 other behavioral medicine companies.

Jim Holden- Secretary

Jim is also the founder of the non-profit Fish for Life. His organization helps young boys and girls with developmental disabilities of all kinds to experience exciting days sailing and fishing off coastal waters in California as a first time experience they have never had.  He is very connected to helping the judicial system and judges seeking help for persons released from jail into rehab programs for addiction and other mental health issues.

Grant McNiff-  Treasurer

Grant has 38 years of experience working with the National Council of Alcoholism and other branch offices of NIAAA seeking  parity for patients with addictive disorders as well as working with donors to charitable foundations providing scholarships to addicts and alcoholics needing treatment.

Other board candidates are being considered and will be added soon.

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. David Smith MD

Founder of Haight Ashbury Free Clinic in San Francisco. Dr Smiths resume is over 50 pages long.  He has received nearly every award there is in addiction medicine.  He has written numerous books, been the Editor of major Medical journals; is a Board member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).  He has received nearly every major award ever presented in Addiction Medicine and helped create the largest nonprofit treatment center in Addiction Medicine -HR360 located in San Francisco, Ca.

Dr. Edward Geehr

President of Acute Care Partners, a healthcare consulting firm advising clients in the healthcare delivery, biotechnology, medical device, and digital media industries. Previously, he was executive vice president of operations for Abraxis BioScience, overseeing global manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales of Abraxane, a novel nanoparticle anti-cancer drug.Dr. Geehr was also the Chief of Emergency Services at San Francisco General Hospital.

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