Watch these videos to see the impact that Addiction has on individuals and their families:

A Testimonial

“My name is Jodi Barber. I’m an advocate against prescription Opioid drug abuse.

Addiction Medicine Institute is extremely important for the public to understand that addiction is a brain disease and absolutely not a lack of will power! Nobody wants to be an addict. The statistics on relapse is high, which is why something more needs to be done to curb the epidemic.

More research, new technologies and tests are needed and this can’t happen without funding and donations. Sadly because of the stigma surrounding addiction, the funds aren’t there to cover the extensive research that the Addiction Medicine Institute needs. A $10 donation from only 10% of those who know the 40 million addicted in the US would give them $40 Million.

Dr. Edward Carels has over 38 years of experience in the field of healthcare and with his team of experts in the field of addiction, I feel confident they can turn the horrific epidemic of overdose and addiction around, with funding support.

Thank you,

Jodi Barber

Overtaken Producer”

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