What You Can Do

Please give this some thought: If you have ever lost a parent, family member, relative, neighbor, co worker, famous artist, speaker, writer or new acquaintance to addiction, Please recognize their loss with as little as a $10 toast or in memory of donation to the Addiction Medicine Institute. AMI was created to provide a private 501C3 tax deduction to anyone willing to donate to an organization seeking to find a cure for addiction. We will research the worlds literature for scientifically valid new treatments and launch life saving programs for the OPIOID crisis. We are working with a number of partner organizations which include a Pharmaceutical company, several Pharmacy companies and a University to implement an opioid crisis harm reduction program. Our initial action will be to deploy a drug that can be easily administered by a first responder or even a family member to save the life of a person who has overdosed.

If only 10% of the 120 Million who have an addiction problem in their own family donated ONLY $10 we could reach our goal of $12 Million. If you ever knew someone who had an addiction problem in their lives we could eventually help many more.

All donations will first be directed at helping reduce the number of deaths from the Opioid Crisis.  We are planning a campaign to train and supply training and lifesaving pharmaceuticals to a number of free clinics in up to 40 varied locations. These are places where patients go without any insurance coverage or means to pay for treatment.  Our Harm reduction training and implementation of lifesaving prescriptions will help reduce the number of Emergency Room admissions and deaths once implemented.  Our protocol will model a format proven to work and reported in a National Medical Journal.  
Please give knowing your donation will help reduce the number of deaths from overdoses on Opioids yearly.

Your donation could help save the life of:

A young baby whose Mom is both pregnant and addicted.

A son from being abused by an addicted parent.

A daughter from sexual assault.

Your family member killed in an accident from an impaired driver

Your classmate killed in a train wreck whose engineer tested positive

Your own net worth wiped out by your spouse who made a poor business decision under the influence.

Your neighbor harmed/killed in a home invasion by addicted felons trying to steal things from a home

Wife abuse leading to divorce and the dissolution of a co worker’s family

A suicide by the father of twin boys whose addiction to pain meds from a car accident caused him to shoot himself after losing his job and learning his liver was failing.

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